Looting in London: stock stolen and shops damaged

Rioting hits retailers hard

Retailers suffered this weekend as the rioting that spread through North London stretched from Tottenham to Enfield and beyond.

PC and games stores such as PC World, Game, HMV and Comet were amongst the retailers affected.

The riots began in Tottenham on Saturday, and what started as a peaceful protest soon escalated into violence accompanied by frenzied looting.

Tottenham Hale retail park – home to shops such as Argos, Comet and PC World – was hit particularly hard on Saturday evening, with reports suggesting that hundreds of looters turned up, many in cars to more easily transport their spoils away.

The GAME store in Wood Green’s shopping centre was looted and its front window smashed. GAME told MCV that it was being repaired this morning, with a view of opening later today, but it’s likely that not all retailers will be able to repair the damage so quickly.

By Sunday, the looters had reached Enfield. Here, HMV was one of the many targets, and saw its guard barrier dragged off, stock stolen and displays trashed.

Copycat looting has since been reported across London, in areas from Walthamstow to Brixton.

Many retailers will be hoping the riots have now dampened down. It remains to be seen how many are fully insured to cover the damage they’ve received.

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