Firm says consumers will soon expect more than current iPad and ?me too? rivals deliver

Microsoft: ‘more and more’ will be expected from tablets

Microsoft has said people are soon going to be expecting more from tablets than what is being offered by the market, currently dominated by the Apple iPad and a raft of what it calls ‘me too’ devices.

The firm argues the tablets on the market at the moment are basically media consumption devices – in that they are only really made for watching movies or browsing websites – but that the next generation will be a ‘richer experience’ and much more skewed towards creating things.

In a sector largely made up of Apple iPads and rows of Google Android based rivals, Microsoft believes its Windows offering is well placed to take advantage of this change in expectations.

“Like any opening market it’s going to grow like billy-o, you just have to see how it matures. The door has been opened by the media tablet, and that makes people think ‘where do I go next’, said David Rodger, Microsoft’s partner strategy lead responsible for tablets.

“People will progressively expect more and more from the device they have. I’m not saying our competition won’t evolve with that, but certainly we believe we’re there already.”

In particular it sees a huge opening in the business market: “That’s where we’re seeing an opportunity with our devices. What’s happened is Apple has come in, and then a lot of ‘me too’ devices have followed, primarily aimed at the consumer. From our perspective, we really understand business needs.”

On whether Apple can actually be dislodged from the top spot in such a market shift, Rodger said: “They (Apple) obviously have the position they have right now in the market. The next generation brings a richer experience, not just a consumption experience.”

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