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Cherry releases washable keyboard

A new washable keyboard from Cherry is impervious to dirt and bacteria, the company claims.

The Cherry J84-2120 is a compact, backlit washable keyboard with integrated pointing device, which connects via USB. The fact that it’s washable means it should be a good fit for environments where being ultra-clean is of utmost importance – such as in hospitals and in both clean and dirty industrial areas, or places where food and drink is being produced.

The device has a sealed rubber top casing with NEMA-4 rating which ensures there is nowhere for dirt or germs to hide. This also means it can be safely rinsed with cleaning and disinfection products that would ruin most normal keyboards.

If users want to prevent any data being sent while the keyboard is being cleaned, there is a lockdown mode, indicated by a brightly lit ‘clean’ key. The backlights themselves can be adjusted to one of four different levels, depending on user preference.

Another feature of this keyboard is the ability to operate in a temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees.

It is available in blue or black, with a guide price of approximately £250. Cherry also has washable optical mice available, with a guide price of £60. They are available from Northamber and EntaTech.

EntaTech – Tel: 0333 101 1000,

Northamber – Tel: 0208 296 7000,

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