Green Man Gaming wants to set up in-store areas in PC and games shops

Digital download games firm looks to penetrate retail

Online games download service Green Man Gaming is looking to forge partnerships with retailers, with the aim of cementing a presence on the high street as well as on the web.

The firm effectively wants to roll out localised shop fronts in PC hardware and video games stores across the UK.

The London-based firm runs a similar operation to Steam, but has managed to replicate the trade-in model – popular in chains like Game – in the digital space.
Currently it has 100,000 customers globally, and the firm is also looking to work with hardware manufacturers to collaborate on joint marketing campaigns.

“We are now looking for local partners who have significant box distribution reach,” said Paul Sulyok, managing director. “We are also looking for people that are active in the physical PC market, who are looking for partnerships, including PC hardware manufactures and graphics card manufacturers.

“The offering we can bring to the table is to incentivise and enthuse customers to buy their products very quickly and easily. We can say ‘buy this piece of hardware and you get the following games rolled in as part of that deal’. We can cut those kinds of OEM deals very quickly and easily.”

Check out our full interview with Green Man Gaming.

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