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Apple device mimicked before it's even been launched

?29 iPhone 5 clone spotted

Apple is not shy of hitting out at those it thinks have somehow copied its products or ideas.

It’s in court with Samsung right now over the Galaxy smartphone brand, which it thinks has been designed in a similar enough way to the iPhone to warrant litigation.

So Jobs and his mob must have spat out their cornflakes when they saw an iPhone 5 clone go on sale in China – doubly so as the device it’s ripping off hasn’t even been launched yet.

It’s being sold for 299 Yuan, which according to our calculations is a mere £29, or $46.

It seems the iClone is based on leaked info of the highly anticipated Apple device, in design at least.

At 7mm it’s remarkably thin, but the modest specs include an old-school resistive touch screen, a cobbled together Java based OS, and no on-board memory.

Storage is done via an SD card (very un-Apple) – despite the ‘64GB’ etching on the back of it. This, like the FCC and safety markings next to it, presumably are there chiefly for cosmetic reasons.

Chinese tech site Giz-China lists the full specs and a host of images.

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