EA announces two editions plus unique pre-order items

Battlefield 3 steps up a gear for retail

As the release date for Battlefield 3 edges closer, the marketing campaign from EA and studio DICE has started to intensify.

Today EA announced that there would be two retail editions of the game available.

Battlefield 3 Standard Edition brings – as you might guess from the name – the regular version of the game to town. Players step into the role of elite US Marines and engage in missions that take them from Paris to New York. As well as single player, there are ten large co-op maps and multiple multi-player modes.

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition includes the Back to Karkland post-launch digital expansion pack, which enables players to wage war on four popular maps from Battlefield 2.

Select retailers will also be able to offer pre-order customers the following:

The Physical Warfare Pack including three exclusive weapons – from Game, Gamestation and Origin

SPECACT Kit – eight unique multiplayer skins, one for each class – available from Amazon UK

Dog Tag Pack – In-game, dog tags are use as a signature to customise soldiers. This item includes five new, unique dogs tags – available from Play.com

Battlefield 3 will be released on October 28th.

If you’re still looking for something extra to stock for fans of the game, Origin Publishing is releasing a Battlefield 3 novel by Bravo Two Zero author Andy McNab and co-author Peter Grimsdale.

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