Ofcom report shows shift in social behaviour from smartphone users

A nation of smartphone addicts

A new Communications Market Report from Ofcom has revealed that the UK is a nation of smartphone addicts.

According to the results, over a quarter of adults and almost half of teenagers own a smartphone. Of those, the majority have acquired the devices in the past year.

When they were asked about how they use their phones, 37 per cent of adults and 60 per cent of teenagers admitted that they were ‘highly addicted’.

Smartphone users were also found to make more calls and send more texts than regular mobile users.

The report suggests that the use of smartphones is changing social behaviour. Nearly a quarter of adults and a third of teenagers have used them at mealtimes, while a fifth of adults and almost half of teenagers admitted to using their smartphones in the bathroom.

Thirty per cent of smartphone users confessed to taking personal calls at work – compared to 23 per cent of ‘regular’ users. But before any bosses get smartphone rage, we should also point out that smartphone users were much more likely to take work calls on holiday – with seventy per cent saying they had done so.

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