We chat to Gem?s new head of business development Philip Munro

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We sat down with Gem’s new head of business development Philip Munro as the distributor looks to move into new product areas and develop its own brand, Exspect.…

So you used to work with Alan Sugar. How did that go?

Imagine working in one of the most exciting, innovative business that, at the time, was doubling its profits and market value every year. Being part of that was an amazing experience.

Critics have described Lord Sugar as ‘out of touch’ and his work ethic as a ‘model of bad management’. Others have said he is negative and narrow minded – nonsense! It was the best business grounding one could ask for.

Working at Amstrad was infectious and it got in your blood. You were either there for a day or many years, there was rarely any inbetween.

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