We talk to the distributor about its history and its very own product brand

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After a strong year, CCI is looking to drive its storage distribution business further in the UK, as well as its own brand of products. We spoke to marketing manager Paul Evison and managing director Paul Roughley.

So with regards to the tablets, the USP appears to be the comparatively low price compared to say the iPad. Would you say the market’s currently got the price tag a bit high for tablets?

PR: If you put Apple to one side, because that’s a unique proposition where it can achieve those price points, our proposition will actually increase in price as we add more to the product. They are currently £119 to £159 RRP.

PE: The market is growing in the £100 to £200 bracket. It’s also growing in the £300 to £400 bracket, but overall the price at that top end is shrinking and going down. We think we’re ideally positioned in that £100 to £200 bracket. GfK told us if you took out subsidised sales of the iPad from telco stores, we’re actually the leader in the market in that area.

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