Tells resellers they can try charge a handling fee if they like

Apple ‘turns back’ on channel, no margin on software sales

Following moves to direct sell OS X Lion via the online Mac App Store, Apple resellers expressed concern that the firm believes the channel ‘adds no value’.

Apple resellers are frustrated that they essentially have to buy the recently launched Final Cut Pro X at retail prices and make no margin by selling themselves.

One anonymous reseller told the Register: "it looks like we are expected to be a charity," while CompTIA Apple specialist Robert Peckham said that resellers should at least be compensated for promotional activities.

Incredibly one Apple reseller said that Apple had informed them that the reseller could charge a ‘handling fee’ for selling software, effectively making them more expensive than a direct download from the now built-in Mac App Store.

The new reseller policies signal a major shift of focus of Mac software into the direct sell model leaving some to question whether Apple truly understands the value of their premium reseller partners.

"This is another example of Apple turning its back on the people that promoted its technology for years," Peckham told the Register.

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