It'll still be a year before Windows 7 overtakes it

Windows XP finally falls below 50 per cent OS market share

Microsoft’s aging Windows XP has finally fallen below the 50 per cent market share mark, according to a Techspot report.

"Windows XP’s market share is eroding, and Windows in general is slowly slipping as well: between June and July, it fell 0.63 percentage points (from 88.29 percent to 88.76 percent)," said Techspot’s Emil Protalinski.

Windows 7 moved up from 27.13 per cent to 27.87 per cent according to TechSpot’s Worldwide OS market share. Despite that, Windows XP still dwarfs the latest and greatest OS with 49.94 per cent of the worldwide OS market.

Techspot said that it would take around a year for Windows 7 to overtake Windows XP. The OS is in a phase Microsoft calls Extended Support which is set to continue until April 8, 2014.

Microsoft has naturally enough been vocal about wanting the firm’s customers to upgrade, particularly from the IE6 web browser.

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