Anonymous recruited DDoS 'script kiddies' can expect a knock

FBI raids based on 1,000 IP list from PayPal

Online payment service PayPal has turned over a list of 1,000 internet IP addresses to the FBI thought to be involved in a DDoS attack on the company coordinated by hacking group Anonymous.

A Wired report said that the list of IP addresses, provided on a thumb drive to the FPI, was being used to execute search warrants and raids against people suspected in participating in "operation payback", by running the Anonymous-provided DDoS tool known as Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

An FBI affidavit noted that the packets used to assail PayPal were easily identified on the basis that they contained keywords such as "wikileaks".

The FBI coordinated with authorities in the UK and the Netherlands resulting in a number of arrests by local police authorities.

However Hackernews noted that the addresses "will probably be the bottom feeding script kiddies rather than the hackers at the top of Anomymous’s greasy pole."

"The clever hackers know to mask their IP addresses first," they added.

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