Rumours re-emerge that Apple will enter TV hardware market next year, in a remarkably specific set of predictions

Apple to launch 3 HDTVs, claims analyst

Apple is likely to bring out its own high definition television next year, a Wall Street analyst has claimed.

A fair enough punt, and not the first time such rumours have sprung up this year.

However the man in question – Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research – is remarkably specific with his predictions, claiming there will be three screen sizes with three price points – and even circles March as the launch date.

That’s quite a narrow stab in the dark as it is, considering that as ever with Apple, there has been no official announcement on such a launch, and probably won’t be until it happens.

He goes onto to assert the TVs will have only one cable, and will most resemble the Bose VideoWave, a 46-inch LCD HDTV, with an integrated surround-sound speaker system.

He even estimates the number of speakers as 16 and that the entire device will be two inches thick.

"These 16 built-in speakers give a complete surround sound experience, without the need for any external speakers," he reasoned according to AppleInsider, adding: "The DSP chip in Apple HDTV is a brand new chip based on Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi. As of now, this new chip is not in mass production."

Remarkably specific stuff. If bookmakers are taking bets on speculative movements in the consumer electronic market, the odds on exactly this prediction coming off must be huge.

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