Overtakes Firefox thanks to TV campaign

Chrome is UK’s second most popular browser

Google Chrome has become the UK’s second most popular web browser after Internet Explorer following an nationwide advertising campaign.

Internet Explorer still remains the dominant browser with 45 per cent of the market. Google’s second place Chrome capturing just 22 per cent of web browsing according to a Guardian report, overtaking third-party browser rival Firefox.

The UK TV ads include a version of the US Dear Sophie ad which appeared as Dear Hollie in the UK, airing during the UEFA Champions League Final.

Worldwide Chrome is still in third position behind Mozilla’s popular Firefox browser according to web metric outfit Statcounter. However at the current rates of change in browser use, Chrome is expected to overtake Firefox later in the year.

Mozilla has increasingly viewed Google as a competitor, recently announcing a new project called ‘Boot to Gecko’ which aims to create a smartphone operating system to rival Android, aimed at "breaking the stranglehold of proprietary technologies over the mobile device world."

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