Both have won preliminary ITC rulings

HTC says firm willing to negotiate with Apple

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has said of the firm’s ongoing patent dispute with Apple that it is willing to "sit down and figure it out" with their smartphone rivals.

A Bloomberg report quoted HTC CFO Winston Yung saying "we’re open to having discussions," adding that the firm had already had some discussions with Apple before the ITC ruling that HTC is infringing on two Apple patents.

Far from being a one-sided negotiation, HTC added some powder to the firm’s own legal cannon by acquiring S3 Graphics just two weeks after the ITC ruled Apple was infringing on two S3 patents.

The ITC rulings are not, as yet final, but pending appeals if products should be finally determined to be infringing upon patents they can be blocked from import to the US, one of the largest smartphone markets in the world.

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