Includes support for DSLR RAW images and TIFF

Microsoft releases image format codec pack

Microsoft has released a software update providing support for the RAW image format of DSLR cameras.

"Today we’re happy to announce that Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 now supports raw format images," Brad Weed wrote on the Windows Team Blog.

"Just download the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 7 and Windows Vista to be able to view raw photo files from more than 120 DSLR cameras in Photo Gallery, as well as in Windows Explorer."

The codec pack will also allow Photo Gallery to edit RAW images although we dare say anyone shooting in RAW will probably have their own ideas about what editing software to use.

The codec support pack also provides viewing and editing support for a wide range of photo file formats including TIFF, a popular format in publishing.

"We know your originals are precious, so if you want to alter a raw image, Photo Gallery makes a copy of the raw original and converts it to either JPEG or the far superior JPEG-XR (or HD Photo) format. With JPEG-XR, all of the quality of the raw original is there so you can fine-tune different editing effects."

You can get Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 as part of Windows Live Essentials and the codec pack is here.

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