If trial is successful it will quickly roll out to other stores

Tesco set to introduce free in-store WiFi

The UK’s largest supermarket chain Tesco is set to introduce free WiFi for customers in store.

Currently trialing in four stores, Tesco’s tech chief Mike McNamara told the FT that customers were already using mobile devices to look up prices and product reviews.

"You can stand Canute-like and pretend nothing is happening or you can say it’s happening, and I am going to help it happen," McNamara said.

While taking pains to describe the WiFi rollout as a trial, McNamara did however say that if the trial was successful it would be quickly rolled out to the rest of the Tesco chain.

With over 2,700 stores across the UK, Tescos move into offering free WiFi will prove to be a significant boost to the free WiFi footprint across the country.

Of course customers will need to be savvy enough to configure their smartphones to connect to Tesco’s WiFi.

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