Aims to complete network upgrade by the middle of next year

Virgin 100Mb service now available to quarter of the UK

Virgin announced that 100Mb/sec broadband is now available to a quarter of the UK, 6.5 million homes in total.

The broadband provider said that it was on track to complete upgrades to the firm’s network by the middle of next year. At which point it will cover around half the UK with fibre-based 100Mb broadband.

"Virgin Media has consistently led the greatest developments in broadband in the UK and we’re proud to continue this tradition with the roll-out of our 100Mb service," said Virgin boss Jon James.

"But we’re not stopping there – we continue to develop broadband technology with trials for 200Mb taking place across the country and we have deployed a cutting-edge 1.5Gb cable broadband trial in East London," James added.

As part of the network upgrade Virgin has also been upgrading the upload bandwidth for existing Virgin customers for free. Users opting for the 100Mb service will see upload speeds up to 10Mbps.

Virgin has been strategically highlighting the benefits of higher upstream bandwidth for sharing on the basis that it compares particularly favorably to the paltry upstream bandwidth of ADSL offerings from rivals with 1Mb/sec and less being common.

Virgin’s 100MB service costs £45 per month as a standalone service or £35 per month with phone service.

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