Google Labs to be wound down in new product focus strategy

Google promises ‘more wood behind fewer arrows’

Google announced that the internet giant is ‘winding down’ Google Labs, the firm’s testing ground for new features, promising ‘more wood behind fewer arrows.’

Last week founder and CEO Larry Page said the firm was moving towards a "product focused management structure," which is aimed at bringing new services to the market sooner and in better condition than in the past.

Google research veep Bill Coughran said the firm had ‘learned a huge amount’ by launching early prototypes in Google Labs but added that the firm now believed "greater focus is crucial if we’re to make the most of the extraordinary opportunities ahead."

The Google+ field-trial was cited as an example of an ‘early launch’ as a result of the policy which is perhaps a curious way to describe the social networking late comer. That said the offering launched in a rather better state than previous Google launches such as the astonishingly buggy Wave and and the privacy cock-up of Buzz.

Coughran later updated the post on the official Google Blog to clarify that the firm will not be withdrawing the Labs experimental features from existing products such as Gmail and Google Maps.

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