Says Apple etc 'cannot respond through innovations'

Google’s Schmidt says that Android will be Asian favorite

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said that the internet giant’s Android mobile operating system would become the platform of choice for Asian consumers due the availability of "cheaper, better, faster" Android devices.

Despite Apple’s astonishing financial results which showed a surge in popularity in mainland China, amounting to a six-fold increase in sales in the space of a single year, Schmidt said that smartphones were still considered expensive throughout the greater Asian region.

Schmidt said that devices that could cost between $50 and $70 would be more accessible to the billions of people beyond smartphone-owning elites, according to a CNET report.

The former Google CEO also had strong words seemingly aimed at Apple as the subject of the ongoing patent disputes between Apple and the likes of Android specialists HTC and Samsung.

Describing the disputes as "legal fun", Schmidt said he was "not to worried about this" and said that the success of Android meant "competitors are responding with lawsuits as they cannot respond through innovations," he said.

Apple recently won a critical victory over HTC in a patent dispute which could result in the banning of imports of HTC and other Android devices unless an appeal is successful or HTC’s promised ‘workaround’ can be found.

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