Rustock may be down but Microsoft isn't done yet

Microsoft offers $250k reward for botnet crime lords

Microsoft is offering a $250,000 reward for the arrest of cyber criminals behind the massive Rustock botnet.

In April Microsoft lead a takedown operation on the Rustock botnet that had enslaved over a million PCs around the world. Working with law enforcement, the firm seized computers believed to have been the command and control servers.

However it seems the firm continues to fret that the same group behind Rustock may come back having learned lessons from Rustock with an even more difficult to shut down botnet.

"This reward offer stems from Microsoft’s recognition that the Rustock botnet is responsible for a number of criminal activities and serves to underscore our commitment to tracking down those behind it," wrote Microsoft digital crimes unit lawyer Richard Boscovich on the Technet Blog.

"While the primary goal for our legal and technical operation has been to stop and disrupt the threat that Rustock has posed for everyone affected by it, we also believe the Rustock bot-herders should be held accountable for their actions."

Microsoft said residents of any country were eligible for the reward and provided further details on

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