Claims that US market is past "non-viable tipping point"

Mobile developers shunning US market in fear of lawsuits

The growth of US software patent disputes has forced some application developers to turn away from publishing their wares on the US version of Android Market and Apple App Store.

A Guardian report revealed British developer Simon Maddox had removed all his applications from the US App Stores for iOS and Android smartphones to avoid being sued by ‘patent troll’ Lodsys, which has already issued proceedings against a number of application developers.

Some developers view the US software patent scenario is spiraling out of control. On Friday Indian software firm Kooltol announced that it had notified a raft of firms including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Apple and Amazon that their products may infringe upon software patents the firm has been granted.

iOS developer Shaun Austin cited the report, adding that "Selling software in the US has already reached the non-viable tipping point."

Maddox told the Guardian that it was now "far too dangerous to do business" in the North American market because of the risk of software patent lawsuits.

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