Framed neighbors for child pornography

Wi-Fi hacking ‘neighbour from hell’ gets 18 years

A man has been jailed for 18 years following a prolonged campaign of hacking his neighbours Wi-Fi in an attempt to frame them for child pornography and threats against the US Vice President.

Minnesota resident Barry Ardolf was sentenced to a lengthy stretch in America’s finest following an astonishing campaign of revenge against his neighbours, apparently motivated by the neighbours reporting Ardolf to the police after kissing their 4-year-old son.

The FBI, having become involved following the death threats against Vice President Joe Biden , discovered documents stolen from the man’s neighbours as well as detailed revenge plans against his neighbours Matt and Bethany Kostolnik.

While the Kostolnik’s Wi-Fi router network was encrypted, Ardolf reportedly used password cracking software to discover the password to the router where upon he would access the Kostolnik’s home network and set up fake MySpace and Yahoo email accounts posting as his neighbours.

In a court document from the prosecution prior to sentencing, Ardolf was described as a "dangerous man" that "uses his technical skills both to inflict harm and to avoid getting caught."

"When Barry Ardolf is released from prison at the end of his term of commitment, he will do something
like this again to someone else who has angered him, only this time he will be even more careful," the prosecutor warned.

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