IT retail buying group adds new distie to the mix

Micro-P gains Network Group Preferred Distributor status

UK IT buying group, the Network Group, has awarded distributor Micro-P the groups Preferred Distributor Status.

The accolade means that Network Group members now have access to over 20,000 products from over 150 manufacturers offered by Micro-P. The move also sees Network Group members gaining access to the disties merchandising teams as well as website and ecommerce support.

Network Group boss Wayne Cockerill said that the group had dodged the industry downturn and experienced growth of 36 per cent in 2009 and 25 per cent in 2010. As a result the Group sought to sign another distribution partner to meet supply chain challenges stemming from the growth.

"Micro-P took time to understand our organisation and their willingness to deliver a bespoke service that will benefit our entire membership base led us to award them this status," Cockerill said.

Micro-P MD Gerry O’Keefe said he was delighted with the move, adding: "Micro-P has progressively become the UK’s distributor of choice which has seen us continuously expand our customer base."

"We are proud to add the Network Group, the UK’s Premier buying Group to our customer," he said.

Micro-P regional sales boss Mike Buley added: "We have worked very closely with the Network Group to deliver a range of products, services and solutions that will most definitely be an advantage to their extensive membership database."

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