Online version of a print brochure is the only way you'd know

Maplin launch summer season campaign

Electronics retailer Maplin has launched a summer campaign of seasonal promotions with a range of discounts offered in store and online, advertised within a special offer brochure.

Once focusing on an enthusiast market of tinkerers, Maplin has in recent years transformed into a vendor of gadgets and computer gear, in the main. While the online presence has grown in stature, the retail chain of over 180 stores throughout the UK still places a heavy emphasis on paper-based marketing.

That may be why it’s hard to tell there’s a summer campaign at all by looking at the web site although an online version of a 16-page printed "Maplin special offers" brochure tells a different story. The brochure has such products such as 7-inch Android tablets marked down from £149.99 to £99.99 and £119.99 for a ‘capacitive multi-touch’ model.

A range of Seagate storage solutions from bare drives to FreeAgent NAS units are also heavily discounted with £30 to £50 off the normal retail price. Other specials include a bundle of Asus PBH61-M LE motherboard, Nvidia GT520 graphics card and 4GB of RAM marked down from £329 to £279.

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