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Half of notebooks will be quad-core by 2015

Supply chain analysts IHS iSuppli have said that notebooks with quad-core processors will make up half of all devices sold in 2015.

Apparently betting that the notebook market will continue on and not be bulldozed by the tablet category, iSuppli said that quad-core notebooks would increase to 49 per cent of the market, up from 9 per cent this year. iSuppli’s collection of crystal balls and chicken bones also revealed that six-core processors would make up almost a fifth of notebooks in 2015.

"The cornerstone of PC performance, the microprocessor, is continuing to evolve to provide new levels of performance to the PC market," said IHS computing analyst Matthew Wilkins, before going on to make sagely statements about CPU manufacturers using multiple-cores instead of Gigahert clock rates to achieve performance.

Buried in a footnote of the blurb plugging iSuppli’s "Desktop and Notebook PC Technology Penetration Forecast", ARM-based microprocessors received a quick name check.

One of the great unknowns about the evolving notebook market is whether x86 and Intel in particular will continue to dominate. On the face of it, interesting times lay ahead with an ARM-compatible Windows 8 and the threat of non-Microsoft operating systems invading the notebook space via the tablet category.

"Today’s consumers are demanding computers that can be used on the go, all day," noted iSuppli’s expert pundits.

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