VIDEO: Unveils 'warm and fuzzy' video trailer

Google teases Photovine with invitations to arrive this month

A new social photo sharing mobile service from Google called Photovine is set to launch with the tagline of "plant a photo, watch it grow."

Photovine is a social networking application created by social gaming outfit Slide, which Google acquired last year. The service is designed to connect people through taking of photographs in common themes.

It’s not entirely clear how it will work but the decidedly Google-brand free Photovine seems set to follow in the footsteps of a number of photo-based mobile applications on the various smartphone platforms.

The similarly detail-free Photovine website is offering a registration form to apply for an Google-style invitation. "We’ll be slowly rolling-out invites starting later this month," says the registration email.

A 40-second teaser video for Photovine, entitled "Warm and Fuzzy" starts off with the obligatory photograph of a family pet while others apparently join in with their own take on the theme. See the teaser video below:

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