You'll get Windows 8 whether you like it or not

No Windows Phone for tablets says Microsoft

Microsoft’s mobile phone OS boss has said that the firm’s smartphone operating system will not be coming to tablets.

The software giant has been less than successful at pushing out Windows 7 to tablet computers, meanwhile the rest of the market raced ahead with finger-focused upsized mobile operating systems.

Despite that, Windows Phone boss Andy Lees said using the mobile OS on tablet computers would be a "conflict," according to an Electronista report. Lees said a the Worldwide Partners Conference that Microsoft views a "full speed" computer should be part of any design.

"We view a tablet as a PC," Lees said. Or, one presumes, a strategic step stone for the next version of Windows which will run on the low-power ARM CPU architecture. Some of the design elements from Windows Phone can already be seen in early demonstrations of Windows 8.

Yet with less than one per cent market share of the tablet PC market, it’s clear consumers aren’t buying what Microsoft is selling.

Then again, Windows Phone isn’t exactly flying off the shelves like hot cakes either.

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