Vows to carry on bicycle booze delivery service

Aussie Facebook ‘Beer Baron’ defiant after fine

Two men in Australia have been fined £1,600 each for selling alcohol without a licence following a sting operation by the New South Wales Liquor, Gaming and Racing authorities.

Jed Clarke, operating a service as the Beer Baron, appeared undeterred, according to a report in The Age, telling people that the service will continue and deliveries would recommence.

Another service called "The Blind Pig" also said that they would carry on, saying "The pig lives on!" and vowing to continue illicit alcohol sales.

The men operated a delivery service for alcohol, exploiting a loophole in Australian law that allows firms to deliver alcohol past a midnight sales ban if it’s bundled with food or ‘gifts’.

The Beer Baron is described as a "24 Hour Alcohol Home Delivery Service with the Baron himself delivering booze on his bike."

The Beer Baron sells a six pack of beer with a packet of crisps for $20 or a bottle of Finlandia vodka, and crisps, for $60, although currently the Baron is offering a special of three bottles of Vodka, and a single bag of crisps, for $165.

The Australian authorities threatened further action if the men continued to operating their delivery service.

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