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Guardian launches Kindle edition, Android iPad apps coming

British newspapers the Guardian and Observerver have arrived on the popular Amazon e-reader the Kindle, with iPad and Android applications shortly to follow.

The new Kindle editions of the Guardian and Observer are now available for download seven days a week for readers in the UK, US and more than 100 other countries, the Guardian said. A 14-day free trial is available with ongoing subscriptions amount to £9.99 a month while bafflingly American readers get it cheaper at $9.99 a month.

The rest of the world will need to pay $17.99 a month for the Guardian Kindle edition with it apparently being more expensive to send the bytes to foreign climes. Responding to the inevitable torrent of pricing comments, Guardian representative Kirsten Broomhall said: "We work with Amazon who set the pricing based on market and regional differences."

The paper didn’t say when the new iPad application would be available but said: "Rather than simply replicate the newspaper design for iPad, this project has provided an opportunity for us to redesign the newspaper exclusively in tablet form."

An Android application is scheduled for an ‘autumn’ launch while a version for the new HP TouchPad called Guardian Zeitgeist will also appear. HP had previously announced that Guardian content would be among the locally tailored content offerings for the firm’s new tablet PC.

The Guardian said that 10 per cent of the firm’s total traffic now comes from the mobile web sites.

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