HTC "dismayed" by Apple's latest action

Apple launches fresh legal volley at HTC

Apple has filed a second complaint against rival smartphone manufacturer HTC based on patents including multitouch gestures and orientation sensors.

With iPhone maker Apple and Taiwan-based Android smartphone specialist HTC are already engaged in a tit-for-tat patent battle, HTC rejected the fresh claims, saying the company was "dismayed" that Apple "resorted to competition in the courts rather than the market place."

Apple filed the complaint with US trade arbiter, the ITC, which has the capability to block imports of products deemed to be infringing patents. The threat of such action is typically used to force rivals to license patents, increasingly the cost of those products and making it easier to compete.

The new Apple suit alleges that HTC is infringing upon patents relating to UI aspects such as multitouch gestures and the "rubber band" behaviour of end-of-range scrolling. Apple also alleges that HTC is infringing upon patents relating to technology used to detect the orientation of the smartphone.

HTC recently unveiled surging profits, comfortably beating market expectations, as the firm’s range of high-end Android-based smartphones continued to be well received by network operators and consumers alike.

The HTC Status, otherwise known as the "Facebook phone", is expected to launch in the US later this month.

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