Power and video over a single cable

Acer launches USB powered pico projector

Acer has announced the launch of two DLP-based pico projectors, the Acer C110 and C112, one of which is capable of being powered entirely from a PC USB port.

Calling the C110 pico-projector a "perfect match for your notebook," Acer said the single USB cable needed to provide power and video connection to the tiny projector that weighs just 175gr, yet manages to pump out WVGA video at 854 x 480 resolution.

Acer also said the LED lamp in the C110 is good for 20,000 hours of life while the DLP technology is "virtually immune" to the colour decay that some LCD projects experience. Acer said the C110 is also good to go on plug-in within just five seconds.

The ever-so-slightly larger Acer C112 Pico-projector weighs 220gr has an optional external battery good for powering the diminutive device for two hours. The projector can also display ‘multimedia’ directly from a USB flash drive without a computer.

The C110 goes on sale for £199 while the C112 is priced at £229. The C112 is set to arrive by the end of the month but the C110 wont hit British shores until August.

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