Release could be as soon as next week

Prepare your Mac for the arrival of Mac OS X Lion

Apple’s next desktop OS, OS X Lion, is expected to land next week with the gold master having been released to developers earlier this month.

The release of the master to developers has previously indicated that the launch is not far off. The next operating system will need a Mac with 2GB of RAM and an Intel processor equal or newer to the Core 2 Duo, including the i3, i5 and i7 processors.

Macworld has produced a guide to preparing your Mac for the arrive of OS X Lion, adding that despite Apple’s assurances that Lion will be the easiest upgrade yet, veteran Mac users "know that a major OS update is never that simple."

Among the recommendations of the guide are steps to ensuring the Mac startup drive is in good order, performing a backup and testing the backup, as well as running a software update to ensure the Mac is running the latest version of OS X prior to installing Lion.

Macworld warned that older Mac software, specifically software that hasn’t been updated since the PowerPC era, will be "dead in the water." With Lion removing the Rosetta compatibility software, users of old Mac software will need to find alternatives.

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