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Promises high bandwidth for multiple clients simultaneously

NTT demonstrates gigabit next-generation Wi-Fi

Japanese tech firm NTT has demonstrated a prototype 802.11ac next-generation Wi-Fi at the Wireless Technology Park event in Yokohama City.

The 802.11ac wireless LAN standard is shooting for effective data throughput of a gigabit per second per system with NTT demonstrating the technology transmitting data to three users at 120Mbps each. The system NTT showed off was used the 5GHz frequency band with six MIMO (multi-in multi-out) antennas on the base station and three each for the clients.

Presently the 802.11ac standard is still being worked out but the Japanese firm is promoting a MIMO-based system as demonstrated at the Wireless Technology Park event. The 802.11ac standard isn’t due to be completed until 2013 at the earliest but NTT already has plans to commercialise the technology.

Asia tech analysis site Tech-On has more.

Image: Tech-On.

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