Will anyone care?

HDMI to DisplayPort cables a no-no says HDMI Org

The HDMI Organisation has said that adaptor cables from HDMI to Mini DisplayPort are unlicensed and should not appear on sale.

While a growing number of manufacturers, such as Apple, are incorporating the DisplayPort video standard, finding matching connectors is bordering on the unlikely leading to the appearance of useful adaptor cables.

However the organisation responsible for HDMI specifications told Tech Radar that: "The HDMI specification defines an HDMI cable as having only HDMI connectors on the ends. Anything else is not a licensed use of the specification and therefore, not allowed."

HDMI Org went on to say that HDMI products were subject to compliance testing but since DisplayPort to HDMI was "undefined in the Specification," it could not be tested to see if it conforms to the standard.

Bizarrely HDMI Org said it was perfectly feasible to buy a DisplayPort adaptor with a DisplayPort socket and a HDMI female adaptor which would meet with the firms approval.

That would be okay because the HDMI to HDMI cable would be licensed. Right, well that make sense then.

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