Founder says games publishers feel 'very, very constrained' with current console generation, questions mass appeal of Wii U

OnLive: Xbox360, PS3 ‘getting long in the tooth’

CEO, founder and president of OnLive Steve Perlman has told PCR it will look to work with the current gaming platforms such as Xbox and PS3, though 2005 architecture means they are ‘getting long in the tooth.’

The cloud gaming service works through a mini-console connected to a TV, directly through a PC, or through smartphone and tablet apps. The visuals are streamed to the user, while the actual computing is done on powerful servers around the world.

It will launch in the UK in Autumn having already launched in the US last year.

When asked if such a system will come to dominate gaming, Perlman said:

"In time as the years go by, we’re looking at 2005 architecture for Xbox 360 and PS3. They’re getting a bit long in the tooth. And I think what you’ll see is people saying ‘you know I really want to play this very high performance game that just can’t be played on a console.’ And I guess at that point we become sort of competitive, but if it was us or someone else there’s a natural movement from old game platforms to the next generation."

As well as questioning the mass appeal of the Wii U outside a core Nintendo fanbase, Perlman went on to say of the current console generation: “I think over the next couple of years you’ll see a beginning of a wind down. Because there’s just not enough horsepower in these existing platforms. And the games publishers feel very, very constrained with what they can do given the limitations of the platforms.”

While the technology seems to negate the need to upgrade a gaming PC in order to play the latest games, Perlman insists it can work alongside the hardcore gaming market.

"We’ll be working with PC gamers, those who are really into it and want to upgrade. They don’t see it as a burden, they see it as a hobby. And we’re all for that.

Apparently, working through the cloud and powered by ultra-powerful servers means that specialised, ultra-high resolution games exclusive to OnLive can be created, which they claim will be graphically far superior than anything that can be produced on local PC or console.

To read our full interview with Steve Perlman, click here for part one, and here for part two.

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