Regular reveals the fastest and slowest parts of the country

Ofcom launches map of UK broadband

Telcom regulator Ofcom has launched the first interactive map of broadband access across the UK using data sourced from ISPs.

The regulator is required to subject a report on the UK’s communications infrastructure every three years and this time around has chosen to visualise the data for the web at the same time.

Some notable hotspots include the city of Brighton & Hove with the highest fixed broadband take-up of 80 per cent while at the other end of the country, Edinburgh had the highest average speed of 10.1Mbit/s, closely followed by Bristol on 9.9Mbit/s.

However the Ofcom’s Communications Infrastructure Report (pdf) showed that other regions fairly less well. Northern Ireland and Wales lagged well behind the national average with 23 per cent and 19 per cent of users having to make do with less than 2Mbit/s.

The interactive map displays pop ups when clicking on a particular area, displaying the average sync speed, percentage of those obtaining less than 2Mbit/s, so-called ‘superfast broadband’ availability and the overall broadband take-up.

Ofcom also offered the data in a CSV database file.

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