Krait mobile chip is to arrive with Windows 8

Qualcomm leaked roadmap points to quad core 2GHz smartphones

A leaked internal document from chipmaker Qualcomm has shed some light on the hardware specifications of devices expected to run Microsoft’s upcoming ARM-compatible version of Windows 8. posted
a PDF document that appears to describe the roadmap of a range of Qualcomm products including the cutting edge 28nm fabricated ‘Krait’ system-on-chip devices, one of which the document describes as Qualcomm’s first Windows 8-certified SoC.

The high-end MSM8960 will sport a dual-core ARM processor clocked at 1.5-1.7GHz with a dual-channel memory interface and the new Adreno 225 GPU said to be capable of supporting Microsoft’s DirectX 9.3.

All the new chips support the next=-generation 4G mobile network technology LTE. Qualcomm’s roadmap even goes so far as to lay out plans for a chip to arrive in 2013 which will offer a quad-core 2 to 2.5GHz processor. That’s some astonishing horsepower in your pocket.

It seems that smartphone specifications are set to relentless advance at breakneck speed for the next two years at least.

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