Unhappy user defaces account

PayPal UK twitter account hacked

The Twitter account of PayPal UK was hacked by a seemingly dissatisfied customer that went on to post a number of attacks on the payment service.

Giving some clue to the motivations of the hacker, one tweet to PayPal’s 16,000 UK followers said that "PayPal can freeze your funds for no reason, do not use PayPal!"

The hacker also replaced the image associated with the PayPal account and tweeted "Shop safely without paypal" with a link to anti-PayPal web site paypalsucks.com.

The PayPal UK hack comes after a similar Twitter account hack of US right-wing media outlet Fox News which saw a an independence day tweet claiming that US president Barack Obama had been assassinated.

A PayPal representative said that no user data was breached and that the account had now been suspended.

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