Tech site compares the latest from Intel, AMD and Nvidia

AnandTech’s Mobile Graphics Guide 2011

Respected tech site AnanTech has published a new Mobile Graphics Guide for the summer of 2011 which aims to decipher the performance of notebook graphics processors.

Guide author Dustin Sklavos split notebooks graphics into three categories; "Too Slow to Play" integrated graphics from Intel and AMD, Nvidia discreet graphics solutions and AMD offerings respectively.

Sklavos didn’t have many good words for the gaming potential of integrated graphics solutions but did hail the new AMD Llano Fusion APU as offering "monstrous" graphics hardware for a budget, although the processor "pales in comparison to Sandy Bridge," he said.

Calling the AMD line-up of discreet graphics parts "incredibly bloated," Sklavos said that AMD was "still playing catch up" with mobile graphics solutions from arch-rival Nvidia. Noting that support for the power-saving graphics-switching Nvidia Optimus technology across the range, Sklavos said that the support for graphics switching in AMD products is "spotty."

"Users looking for a more well-rounded notebook would probably be well served by the aforementioned GeForce GT 540M or Radeon HD 6500M/6600M," AnandTech’s Sklavos said.

Sadly for AMD, even in the high end gaming market, Sklavos said that the GeForce GTX 560M was "sweet spot in offering the very best balance in form factor favouring performance."

Read the AnandTech Mobile Graphics Guide.

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