Calls it his 'mini robot butler'

Russell Brand appears in HP TouchPad ads

Comedian Russell Brand has appeared in series of commercials for HP’s new TouchPad tablet PC.

In what must be one of the more unlikely pair-ups, the hirsute funny man is seen to promote the ‘true multitasking’ of HP’s WebOS-powered tablet.

"I refer to this device as my little robot butler," he says in one video. "What it offers me is true multitasking, that let’s me focus on more than one task at hand," he continues to camera.

"My email, apps, videos, music. One swipe, one flick and done," says Brand before delivering the punch line in typical Brand style.

"As a child, I thought that was a way of dealing with boogers."

"Now I know it’s a way of dealing with robot butlers."

Not a bad effort given the material, we think. See the videos in one YouTube sequence here.

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