Slams British retailers in "cut the cable con" promotion

Aussie retailer Kogan hands out free HDMI cables

Attention seeking Aussie retailer Kogan has accused British retailers of ripping off customers by up selling ‘hideously expensive’ HDMI cables.

The retailer declared it was time to "cut the cable con in the UK", while announcing that the firm would offer free HDMI cables to customers that have bought a television at John Lewis or Currys.

"An HDMI cable is an HDMI cable. It’s a digital cable. You either get a picture or you don’t. Don’t get conned into buying a "fancy" HDMI cable because it will make no difference!" the Kogan Team blogged.

Apparently smelling another good opportunity for a controversial promotion, Kogan highlighted a range of expensive HDMI cables costing around £100 and said it was "extremely unfair for someone who shells out their hard-earned money on a new TV to be shafted on cables and accessories."

Kogan asked John Lewis and Currys customers to email them proof of purchase to claim the HDMI cable that their T&Cs values at £4.

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