Next gen 'Brazos-T' platform in time for Windows 8

AMD leak reveals upcoming tablet-friendly Fusion APUs

A document purporting to be a leaked AMD presentation on upcoming Fusion APU processors gives some insight into upcoming Fusion APUs suitable for tablet PCs.

German website published a series of AMD marketing slides which appear to document forthcoming Fusion APUs from the upcoming ‘Desna’ revision of the current Brazos platform through to a new platform of processors called the Brazos-T, due in 2012.

The "Brazos-T" platform will offer a system-on-chip called ‘Hondo’, according to the slides, which will is cited as being available in time for Windows 8. Hondo will make do with just 2 Watts of power while offering two ‘Bobcat’ x86 processor cores and DirectX 11 graphics.

The document claims that chips from the Brazos-T platform will begin sampling to partners by the end of the year.

You can see the slides on the Donanimhaber site.

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