'Switch' campaign offers Premiere Pro CS5.5 for half price

Adobe targets dissatisfied Final Cut Pro X users

Creative software vendor Adobe has launched a campaign to aggressively target video editing professionals unhappy with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

The launch of the latest version of Apple’s video editing software has not been as smooth as the firm would have liked with many professional users upset at the apparent removal of a raft of features which, some claimed resulted in software closer to the consumer software iMovie than a professional software package.

Such has been the backlash that Apple last week began to offer refunds for the $299 software package. Offer refunds to users dissatisfied with software is something of a new experience for Apple and has moved to inform users that Apple intends to restore some of the missing features such as multi-camera editing as a "top priority."

Adobe has been quick to capitalise on Apple’s perceived fall from grace in the professional sector with a campaign that subtly suggests that Apple’s new software is not a professional toolset. "You’re a pro. Make sure your toolset is too," says the headline on Adobe’s new Premier Pro CS 5.5 Switch web site.

The Adobe switch campaign is offering Adobe’s Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium and Premiere Pro CS5.5 effectively for half price to users switching from Final Cut Pro.

"We’re hearing from video professionals that they want pro level tools that address cutting edge work but also allow them to use legacy footage and workflows," said Adobe professional video and audio boss Jim Guerard.

"At Adobe we’ve been in the trenches with video pros for years and with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and CS5.5 Production Premium we’ve delivered professional-grade tools that are already being battle-tested by some of the most innovative filmmakers, broadcasters and video pros."

Adobe also sold up the fact that Premiere Pro CS5.5 is 64-bit application with GPU-acceleration, as well as supporting the latest Mac hardware such as the new Thunderbolt IO ports and multi-core CPUs.

The Adobe switch campaign is also being made available through resellers with the program set to continue to the end of September.

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