Could jump to an N9-a-like running Windows Phone instead

Nokia N9 may not make it to the UK

Nokia may not release the firm’s MeeGo-based N9 smartphone in the UK if an Inquirer report is to be believed.

The Inq noticed that the UK fails to appear as a drop down option in the Nokia Europe Check Availability page for the Nokia N9. Other countries also don’t appear such as Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

The smartphone is something of a last-hurrah for the meeGo operating system before Nokia finally makes the jump to handsets running Windows Phone 7.

The ommission of the UK on the N9 availability page could be a sign that the firm is looking to jump straight to the Windows Phone with forthcoming smartphones released in the British market.

The first to arrive is expected to be the smartphone codenamed ‘Sea Ray’ which the Inq noted looked very much like an N9.

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