Based on the new SandForce SF-2280 controller

Corsair launches Force Series GT line of SSDs

Performance PC gaming hardware vendor Corsair has announced the Force Series GT line of solid-state drives which are based on the new SandForce SF-2280 SSD controller.

Corsair said the new native SATA 6Gb/s SATA 3 Force Series GT is "designed for enthusiasts who demand the fastest performance available." The new SSDs deliver read performance up to 555MB/s and writes of up to 525MB/s, as well as 85k random write IOPS.

The use of so-called ONFI synchronous flash memory makes the drives adept at reading and writing non-compressible data, as opposed to previous SandForce controller drives that tend to do much better on compressible data. Since non-compressible data is often abundant, such as video and music files, the Force Series GT is addressing a considerable weakness of previous SSDs.

"With the rapid adoption of systems with SATA 3 support, enthusiasts are demanding SSDs that can push the limit of SATA 3 bandwidth," said Corsair boss Thi La.

"The new Force Series GT line delivers amazing speed under the most demanding conditions, making them ideal for high-performance systems."

The drives will appear first in the UK in July with pricing around $149 USD for the 60GB model and $279 USD for the 120GB model. No European availability was announced.

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