Report says growth in tablets slowed this year

E-readers leap ahead of tablet PCs in US market

An report from Pew Research has shown that the adoption of e-readers in the North American market has accelerated beyond that of tablet PCs.

The growth of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle has put the growth in tablet computing to shame, according to Pew’s report which revealed that adult ownership of e-readers doubled from 6 per cent in November 2010 to 12 per cent in May 2011.

A graph of the growth of the tablet and e-reader products shows that the tablets and e-readers grew at the same rate from May to November last year, then from November to January e-reader and tablet adoption increased but e-reader adoption grew faster.

However since the beginning of this year, the e-reader market has exploded while the growth in tablets slacked off despite the launch of the iPad 2.

Pew also said that there was a high degree of overlay with three per cent of US adults owning both a tablet computer and an e-reader device.

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