Hit game will run on a 'wide variety' of PCs

L.A. Noire coming to the PC

Rockstar Games announced that the critically acclaimed post World War II crime thriller L.A. Noire will be coming to the PC gaming platform later this year.

Originally created by independent Australian studio Team Bondi, the game will be ported to the PC by Rockstar Leeds and will, according to a Rockstar announcement, "run on a wide variety of PCs." The publisher said the game would also feature keyboard remapping, a luxury for console ports it seems.

The PC version will also feature stereoscopic 3D support for an "even greater sense of interaction and immersion within a painstakingly detailed 1940s Los Angeles," the firm said.

As Detective Cole Phelps, players must search for clues, interrogate suspects and chase down criminals to solve a series of cases based on real world incidents. In what Destructoid called a "terrific bloody videogame", Gamespot said an "intoxicating sense of style" made it an "unforgettable journey."

Rockstar has yet to announce a release date for the PC version.

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