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Civil rights group dubs move as 'macho posturing'

Crooks to be named and shamed on UK crime maps

The Policing and Criminal Justice Minister Nick Herbert has unveiled plans that will ‘name and shame’ convicted criminals on the police.uk crime mapping website.

Details appeared in the Sunday Times of new Home Office plans that could see hundreds of thousands of criminal names and photos appear in what was described as a ‘trailblazing project’ by West Yorkshire police to map justice outcomes.

The pilot scheme called ‘In the Dock’ will see adults given jail terms "have their names, photographs, details of the crime they have committed and the court’s sentence published" following a risk assessment, according to West Yorkshire Police.

Shami Chakrabarti of civil liberties pressure group Liberty, called the Home Office plan a "macho piece of posturing", pointing out to the BBC that local newspapers had been "doing this for years."

However public interest in the crime maps has been particularly strong with heavy internet traffic crashing the servers when the maps were launched in January. The West Yorkshire police web site appears to be again groaning under the load with sluggish performance and "Internal Server Errors" common.

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