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Sony go for style over substance in tablet teaser video

Sony have unveiled a stunning video trailer promoting the firm’s upcoming Android tablets, the S1 and S2.

In what must be the polar opposite of the approach taken by HP with the firm’s dull-but-informative videos introducing the WebOS-powered TouchPad, Sony have firmly taken a vote for style over substance.

The first of a promised five-part series entitles "Two will" has appeared on YouTube. It seems to, and this is entirely subjective, promise a love story between two plastic looking figures on a table-top.

Other than that it looks a bit like something Nvidia might produce to promise a new graphics card chip.

YouTube user comments range from "Possibly the coolest f*cking promo ever made" and "I am looking forward to Sony tablet. But is there a WTF button that I can press for this video?"

See the first part of "Two will" below:

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